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Effective SEO Tips for 2014!

With the year 2013 just a few hours remaining, we thought to come up with what should be your plan of action for SEO in the coming year 2014. Last night we published the blog on How to Plan about Getting Best Possible Results from Article Marketing / Content Marketing in the Year 2014, and just to continue the same we are now coming ahead with some highly effective SEO tips need to be followed in the year 2014.

Well, to be very precise, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process through which you can optimize your website to increase the visibility of your website in Search Engines Result Pages (commonly known as SERP). It is a way through which a normal user will find your website easily for the relevant keyword search, and then will land to your website.

Am I right?

Well, not up to the mark, as during last few years this concept has changed a bit. Landing to your website through keyword search was an older concept, now the age is of providing ultimate user experience along with them. Finding your website is fine, but if the user experience is not good, it will ultimately harm the ranking of your website only.

Well, it is always vital to update your knowledge about what’s new is going on in the field of SEO and thus to implement the same on your website, else you will be out of the race. So read on more to understand what should be your plan for doing the SEO of your website in the year 2014.

Effective SEO Tips for 2014!

Effective SEO Tips for 2014!

Effective SEO Tips for 2014!

Go Mobile

We all are living in a mobile friendly world, then why your website is not mobile friendly?

Well, to be very precise, year 2014 and further will be the year of mobile friendly websites. So guy’s and girls, if you are the owner of a website and wanted to get the love from Google or other search engines, simply go ahead and opt for a responsive web design for your website.

What’s a responsive design?

Well responsive web design is nothing new; it’s a concept in which your website will appear as per the device in which it is opening. Your website design will be responsive if it will convert itself as per the device in which it is being opened, like it will have a particular look if opened in either a desktop, or in a tablet, or in a Smartphone.

Like if you open our website in a tablet or a Smartphone, you will understand what a responsive design is. Also if you too want the same, you might also contact us and we may help you to convert your non-responsive design into a responsive one.

Optimizing User Experience

Well, I do say this not only today but a few years back too (in 2006, first I remember I said this line) I was saying the same. Bringing visitors to a web page, or website is not that difficult, than to retain the same, and make him permanent or loyal visitor of the same.

And this can be achieved with the help of optimizing your website with the processes or things which will enhance the user experience and bound them to stay on your website as long as possible and also force them to subscribe your site or return to your website in future as well.

As per Google guidelines also, you are suppose to make your website for the users, not for the search engines. The best thing to do so is to understand your niche, and provide them exactly what they are looking from you. Make your design, navigation etc. as simple as possible; it should always be a user friendly design.

If a user will feel difficulty in navigating your website, he will definitely prefer to close your site. Provide them the option of bookmarking the page or site, so that the user will be able to store it in their list of good website.

Go Social

Social bookmarking and networking sites are the future of the search engine optimization industry. Always understand if a person who is visiting your website is liking it, will definitely prefer to share it with their friends, or followers in social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc.

Always provide your user to like and share your posts/pages in those most popular websites. It will definitely help your website to rank well in 2014 and coming years as well.

Quality Content

Always try to provide quality content to the visitors of your website.

I always said that content is the king and it will also remain the same in future as well. Always understand Google (especially after Panda & Penguin update) is going behind unique, informative, and high quality content. Along with the same they also like that your website must be updated on a regular basis.

Thus as I mentioned in my last blog that you must have a content plan ready with you, you must need to follow the same in the year 2014.

Forget About Link Building

A few years back the most important aspect of any SEO company was to build as many links to their client website, but I am quite sure all the readers of my website are aware that now Google actually hates the unnatural links to your website.

So, if you are the owner of a website, you should actually forget about building link towards your website, and if your SEO is suggesting the same, then you must fire the same and hire someone else (obviously my hint is that hire me ;) ).

The SEO guy or company whom you are hiring for your website should be able to come up with some unique ideas through which people will come to know about your website and will become a regular visitor of your website.

Say No to Flashy Things

Gone are the days in which people preferred sites designed in Flash, as it normally makes your website heavy. Now Google prefer the sites which are light in size and loads quickly. So if you are looking for things to prefer as far as SEO is concerned in the year 2014 then always says No to flashy or heavy things on website.

Invest a Bit on Quality Web Hosting

When you are focusing so much on getting results from your website, then year 2014 is such that you will have to consider your web hosting first. If your web hosting is not up to the mark, it is giving poor experience to your users, and then it is the good time to invest something on a new hosting service provider.

If you ask me I always prefer to go with hosting giants like Hostgator or Godaddy to host my websites, as they always provide me a hassle and tension free experience.

The Bottom Line

Well, the bottom line is that ultimately you need to provide quality experience to the visitors of your website in the coming years. Let’s provide them the best possible experience so that they can refer you in their friends circle and you will become popular through this publicity.

I hope this blog written by me has helped you understand that it pays to use the best SEO services, especially in coming years 2014, if you really like it then please don’t forget to share your comments with us, you can also like us at FaceBook and follow us at twitter as well.

This blog was written by Alok Vats. You can follow him at Google+.

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